Reworld API Reference Manual

The Reworld editor is a game creation tool with 3D physics engine. This document provides descriptions of classes, enumerations, data types, functions, events and other interfaces that defined by the Reworld editor, for creators to develop games.

The Reworld editor uses Lua language for game development.
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Common Classes

Part          Model          Avatar          Tool          Players

Player          SliderJoint          BodyPosition   UiButton   EventObject

WorkSpace      LuaModuleScript   GameRun       ClickTrigger

Common Methods

RWObject.Create()        Clone()        GetChildByName()        SetNetworkOwner()

WaitForChild()        TriggerEnter()        MoveTo()        BeKilled()      EquipTool()

FireClient()        FireServer()        ClientEventCallBack()        ServerEventCallBack()

RWrequire()        OnClick()        FixedUpdate()        

Common Enumerations


Common Data Type


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